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Find your NHS Number

Find your NHS Number Your NHS number is unique to you. It’s a 10-digit number that helps everyone in the NHS identify you and match your details to your health record. Knowing your NHS number can save you time when accessing NHS services. If you need your NHS number, you can find it in your … Continued

Prescriptions: Who pays what?

Prescriptions: Who pays what? In England, there can be a cost when you need prescribed medication. Prescriptions in Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland are free. Some items are also free, such as contraception or medicine prescribed when you are staying in hospital. Standard Costs As of 1st May 2024, the standard cost of an NHS … Continued

NHS Health and Wellbeing Services

NHS Health and Wellbeing Services in Gosforth and Jesmond Patients at GP practices in Gosforth and Jesmond can self-refer to the expert services of our Health and Wellbeing coaches. It is part of the additional level of services provided by our Primary Care Networks, and designed specially to help keep our patient population healthy and … Continued

Fast-Track Suspected Cancer Referrals

Fast-Track Suspected Cancer Referrals A fast-track referral means you will be offered an appointment within 28 days of your GP’s referral. Why am I being urgently referred? Your GP feels that you have symptoms that require investigation by a hospital specialist as soon as possible. This is so that your illness can be diagnosed and … Continued

Seeing your medical records in the NHS App

Seeing your medical records in the NHS App From 31st October 2023, anyone aged 16 or over using the NHS App can see any new information relating to their healthcare. This also applies to those using the NHS login system through the NHS website or any other online access system, such as that we use … Continued

Data Sharing in the NHS

Data Sharing in the NHS   Patient data in the NHS is only ever shared for two reasons: to provide patients with the best possible care, and the planning and research needed to design health care services that suit patients.   Patient data is only ever shared within the NHS or with legitimate third parties who … Continued