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Privacy Notice for Children

Privacy Notice for Children We keep records about you and your health so we can look after you. Your name, where you live and how old you are Who you live with and who looks after you What care we have given you Photographs we take of you Results and scans of your body like … Continued

Seeing your medical records in the NHS App

Seeing your medical records in the NHS App From 31st October 2023, anyone aged 16 or over using the NHS App can see any new information relating to their healthcare. This also applies to those using the NHS login system through the NHS website or any other online access system, such as that we use … Continued

Beat Anaphylaxis

Beat Anaphylaxis Beat Anaphylaxis is a resource-filled website, created by a range of healthcare professionals in the North East to help improve clinical care of anaphylaxis, and support patients and their families. Anaphylaxis is a severe and potentially life-threatening allergic reaction. Around 40% of us have at least one allergy; for most people, reactions are … Continued