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Supporting You After a Cancer Diagnosis

Supporting You After a Cancer Diagnosis It’s a sad fact that every year, 393,000 people in the UK are given the news that they have cancer. Macmillan Cancer Support says that 3 million people are living with cancer, with that number continuing to rise. While it is news nobody wants to hear, we want to … Continued

In Case You Missed It…

In Case You Missed It… A round-up of the news and essential updates we have shared with patients so far this Autumn. Click or tap any of the images below to get the whole story. Your Health Resources and Policy Updates NHS App Support, Help and Others

Getting Started with the NHS App

How to register and get full use of NHS App services  The NHS App puts you in control, with access to a range of NHS services at your fingertips. Here’s how to get started. Ideas and guides on how to use the app and what benefits it can bring are further down the page. Installing … Continued

Prescribing Warmth This Winter

Prescribing Warmth This Winter With the clocks having changed and the weather cold and wet, many of us will already have decided to put our heating back on. Keeping our homes warm and feeling cosy and comfortable also helps keep us healthy as the temperatures outside drop. If you have asthma or another chronic condition … Continued

Seeing your medical records in the NHS App

Seeing your medical records in the NHS App On 31st October, the government told all GP practices in England to give all patients aged 16 and over full access to their ‘prospective medical records’. This means all new and future information about your healthcare. We’ll explain what this means, the complicated background, and what you … Continued

Movember: Stopping Men from dying early

Movember: Stopping Men from dying early On average, men die four and a half years earlier than women. Life expectancy in the UK is around 79 for men and over 83 for women. One in 5 men die before the age of 65. The reasons men die younger are often preventable. Every year, Movember challenges … Continued

Have you explored our website?

Have you explored our website? Last year, as part of a project across we launched new websites for and our neighbouring practices. Since then, we’ve seen more and more patients using our site for health information, getting in touch, and using the NHS’s digital services, like ordering prescriptions through the NHS App. In recent months … Continued