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North East Counselling Services (NECS)

A new confidential parent and carer support line has been launched by North East Counselling Services (NECS).

To speak to a counsellor, call 0333 358 3040. Their lines are open Monday to Friday, 10 am to 2 pm. You can leave a message asking for a call back outside those times.

About the service

NECS knows that sometimes parents and carers may be concerned about the emotional wellbeing of their children. Since NECS’ launch in 2006, they’ve experienced a steady increase in children accessing, and benefiting from, counselling. This has been even more so over the last 2 years as we move through the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Research shows that 50% of all adult mental health problems start before the age of 14 and 75% start before the age of 21. Improving the emotional wellbeing of our children is a key part of supporting the wellbeing of our entire population.

It’s hard for a parent or carer to see their child struggling. Sometimes, it’s difficult to know what to say or do, or where to get support if it’s needed.

NECS works with children who experience a range of issues that impact their emotional wellbeing and their day-to-day lives. This means we have experience of knowing what this creates for parents and carers and how we can support them too.

Because of this, NECS have developed a confidential parent and carer support line to provide a listening ear for those who feel they would like some help and guidance.

Getting in touch

If you feel you’d like to speak to one of NECS’ qualified counsellors, call on 0333 358 3040, Monday to Friday between 10 am and 2 pm.

You’re also welcome to leave a message outside these hours to request a call-back during our opening times.