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We Are Open

A new vaccination programme for the autumn has been announced, including flu and covid jabs to protect people from respiratory illnesses. 

The full details are below, but these are the two key messages you need to know: 

  • Getting vaccinated protects you, those around you and the NHS 
  • You will be contacted when you can book an appointment. Please do not contact your GP practice or another part of the NHS about vaccinations until asked. 

Vaccine Eligibility: At a Glance 

This quick reference table shows groups eligible for one or both autumn vaccines. 

GroupCovid Autumn BoosterFlu Vaccine
Residents and Staff in Care Homes for Older Adults YesYes
Frontline health and social care workers YesYes
All people aged 65+ YesYes
All people aged 50-64 YesYes, from October
Carers aged 16+ YesYes
Pregnant people YesYes
Clinically at risk, aged 5+ YesYes
Clinically at risk, aged six months+ NoYes
All children aged 2-3 NoYes
All Primary School aged children (Reception to Year 6) NoYes, through schools, youngest first
All Secondary School aged children (Years 7-9) NoYes, through schools, youngest first

Autumn Covid Boosters 

Everyone aged 50 and over will be eligible for a free NHS covid vaccination, as will anyone aged five and above who is clinically at risk. This group includes people who are pregnant. 

Residents and staff in older adult care homes will be eligible, as will carers aged 16 or over and all frontline health and social care staff. 

Plans are being developed for how this booster programme will be delivered, and we will update patients once we have confirmation. 

We would ask patients to check our website for future updates and to please not contact us about the new booster programme until invited to book an appointment. 

Flu Vaccine Eligibility 

In a change to the eligible groups announced in the spring, people aged 50 to 64 and second school-aged children up to year 11 will be eligible for a free NHS flu shot. 

However, priority will be given to other groups, including people aged 65 and above, the clinically vulnerable, care home residents, carers and frontline health and social care workers. 

Vaccines for all school-aged children will be administered through the schools, and the NHS will invite healthy people in the 50 to 64 age bracket to book an appointment later in the autumn. 

As with covid vaccines, it would be greatly appreciated if patients could wait to be invited to book appointments rather than contacting GP practices in advance to ask about their jabs. 

We will continue to update patients with any new developments around when jabs will be available and would ask you to check our website as your first point of contact. 

Vaccines Safety 

Some people may be offered the flu and covid vaccines simultaneously, and it is perfectly safe to have both jabs at the same time. 

All vaccines can have side effects, but in most cases, they are mild and short-lived. 

You can find out more about the covid vaccine’s side effects and the flu vaccine’s possible side effects on the NHS website. 

All vaccines go through rigorous testing and must meet safety and efficacy criteria before being approved for use. Vaccines are also closely monitored and improved to ensure they combat the most severe or recent strains of illnesses.