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Updated on 28th January 2016 at 2:18 pm



Do You Look After Someone?

We are trying to identify anyone who is a patient in our practice who is a carer/young carer or is receiving care from somone else. 

If you look after someone who is ill, unable to manage on their own because of illenss, disability, frailty or substance abuse without payment then this means you are a carer. 

As a carer you have access to a wide range of carer suport services.

We are trying to identify all carers and young carers who are patients at our practice and offer them information and guidance.  Many people do not think of themselves as carers:  they are just looking after their relatives, friends or neighbours, however, they are a carer. 

Carers provide a valuable role in the community, and the role of a carer can be very demanding, time consuming and isolating. 

Newcastle Carers can provide:

Information, advice and guidance, Advocacy and mediation, Carers groups and activities , Opertunities to have your say, Individual carer support, Complementary therapies, Counselling, and Training. 

Please let us know if you are a carer, please contact the surgery on 0191236 3338

Newcastle Carers: 0191 275 5060

Barnardo’s Young Carers: 0191 272 2218